Professional Services

Improve pipeline performance and accelerate project timelines with Pipekit’s Argo experts.

Our committed team is here to help you solve the hard problems and time-consuming challenges standing in the way of your goals.

Accelerate time to value

Follow expert guidance and support to avoid common pitfalls and realize your desired outcomes faster.

Tap into Argo expertise

Partner with our team of Argo Workflows experts and architects contributing features and critical bug fixes to the open source project.

Extend and advance capabilities

Equip your team to move faster, stay ahead of your competition, and fuel further growth.

Better manage compute costs

Get the most out of your cloud investment with intelligent compute cost management.

What we offer

Resolve your challenges in a fraction of the time with our collaborative and results-driven professional services.

For less than the cost of a full-time engineer, our team offers a wide range of support to help you get the most out of Argo Workflows. Whether you’re using Argo for data processing, machine learning, or CI pipelines, we have you covered with enterprise support, Slack support, issue triaging, bug resolution, and more.

Architecting cloud-native systems

  • Get help designing and implementing a scalable, reliable, and secure system.


  • Partner with us for a POC to see how Pipekit and Argo Workflows can best meet your specific needs.

Performance benchmarking and workflow refactoring

  • Trust your data workflows are operating at optimal performance.

Bug resolution

  • Get help resolving bugs from the people maintaining the project.

Feature development and custom tooling

  • Collaborate on design and implementation of new features for your team.

Level up scalability

  • Get support identifying and resolving issues limiting the performance and scalability of your workflows.

Who we are

We are Kubernetes and Argo Project experts. Our team has:

  • 3 Argo Workflows maintainers
  • 5 Argo Workflows contributors
  • 150+ Argo PRs merged
  • 350+ Argo PRs reviewed
  • 15+ ArgoCon talks given
  • Engineers across 4 global time zones


Pipekit partners with teams at different stages in their Argo journey to ensure the implementation of scalable data pipelines.



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    Private Slack channel for your team

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    Monthly support call with with Argo Workflows contributors, plus Kubernetes, Argo CD & Docker pros

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    Private Slack channel for your team

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    Twice-monthly support calls with Argo Workflows maintainers, plus Kubernetes, Argo CD & Docker pros

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    Ad hoc support calls included

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    SLA for business-day and business-critical support requirements

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    Unlimited support tickets per month

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    Ad hoc support calls with Staff Engineers and Solution Architects

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    Prioritized feature requests

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    Private Slack channel for your team

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