About us

We’re on a mission to extend the limits of data engineering.

At Pipekit, we empower companies running the most compute-intensive data operations to achieve limitless scalability.

Who we are

Founded in 2020, Pipekit is a Y Combinator-backed company (YC S21) that emerged from the challenges our founders faced while scaling data pipelines. J.P. Zivalich maintained Docker's image build pipelines for hundreds of thousands of developers. Caelan Urquhart witnessed first-hand the challenges of building an end-to-end data pipeline feeding LLMs that served hundreds of thousands of users at Kite.

In those days, cloud-native tools weren't prevalent, but for today's data teams who want to scale, cloud-native is becoming the first-choice ecosystem for solving the toughest scaling challenges. Our co-founders founded Pipekit to help data teams harness the power of cloud-native tooling to build more scalable and reliable data pipelines.

Today, Pipekit is a team of globally distributed engineers and builders dedicated to helping data teams move faster.

We embrace a hypothesis-driven approach in developing our products. We take pride in our high-performance culture and in being a company that listens to its customers and employees. We are continuously improving our organization and ourselves as people, all while having fun on the journey.

What we’re about

At Pipekit, we believe the future of data will be cloud-native. This is why we maintain the Argo Workflows open source project, contributing features and critical bug fixes for the Argo Workflows releases, while also supporting end-users and convening knowledge sharing at regular community meetings.

Internally, Pipekit uses tools from the Argo Project to run its own infrastructure and operations, from Argo Workflows to Argo CD. And we specialize in using Argo Workflows and other cloud-native open source tools to manage customers' data pipelines.

Rooted in our values of transparency, collaboration, and integrity, Pipekit embraces open communication and creative problem-solving. We are dedicated to applying first principles thinking, encouraging proactive development, and making a positive impact on both customer organizations and the open source community.

Our values


We believe in open and honest communication, ensuring that our actions and decisions are clear and accountable.


We operate with unwavering honesty and ethical principles, always striving to do what's right for our customers and partners.


We are relentlessly customer-focused, dedicating our efforts to understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Problem solving

We tackle challenges head-on with a commitment to finding the most effective solutions for our customers and our team.

Our investors

We’re proud to be supported by great people who believe in our mission.

Surface Ventures
Google Ventures
Liquid 2 Ventures
Uncorrelated Ventures
Shasta Ventures
Phenomenal Ventures
5th Quarter Ventures

Our angels & advisors

We humbly learn from those who endeavored before us.

Eric Reis
Founder @ LTSE, The Lean Startup
Charlie Cheever
Founder @ Quora & Expo.io
Holly Hester-Reily
Founder @ H2R Product Science
Helen Min
Co-founder @ Phenomenal Ventures, ex-Plaid, Dropbox
Tiho Bajic
Daniel Ahmadizadeh
Founder @ Marathon Laps, Maslo, Riley
Benjamin Birnbaum
Co-founder @ Inductive Bio, ex-Flatiron Health
Shlomo Dalezman
Co-founder @ Investor, ex-SailPoint, Intello

Talk to us

If building efficient data pipelines and streamlining workflows have you seeking solutions, let’s discuss how Pipekit can help you achieve your goals.