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Pipekit is your partner in data infrastructure and scaling for data science, AI, and ML. We help teams go from notebooks to models serving billions of users. Build for success with Pipekit.

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Learn how Bloomberg and Pipekit both use Argo Workflows on our infrastructures to simplify data operations.

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With Pipekit, your data infrastructure challenges become opportunities, and scalability is no longer an obstacle but a catalyst for your organization's growth.


Pipekit's dedicated team of Argo experts is committed to helping you overcome challenges and accelerate project timelines. We understand the challenges that stand in the way of your goals, and that’s where we step in.

For less than the cost of a full-time engineer, we offer comprehensive support to maximize your Argo Workflows experience, whether for data processing, ML, CI pipelines, or more.

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Gain valuable insights on scaling Argo Workflows effectively. Explore infrastructure optimization, resource management, workflow design, and observability at scale.


Pipekit is the control plane for Argo Workflows, simplifying how you manage data pipelines. Our platform configures Argo Workflows on your infrastructure, offering you production-ready workflows from day one.

Create massive data pipelines in minutes, saving valuable engineering time and cloud expenses.

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Why teams choose Pipekit

At Pipekit, we recognize the unique challenges that organizations face when it comes to operating data pipelines at scale. It's a realm where reliability and cost-efficiency often seem elusive. That’s why teams are partnering with Pipekit.

Here’s how we’re helping organizations address their critical data infrastructure challenges.

Accelerated time to value

  • Effortlessly install Pipekit and start running production-grade workflows on Kubernetes in a matter of days. We provide a robust set of features out-of-the-box ensuring you can begin optimizing your data processes immediately.

Immediate scalability

  • Our platform enables autoscaling so workflows adapt to the demands of your processing tasks, and template sharing promotes consistency and development speed across your organization. Our multi-cluster support even ensures seamless workflow orchestration across clusters so you can manage complex data operations at scale.

Reduced costs

  • Pipekit dramatically reduces the maintenance costs associated with data infrastructure. You are able to hire fewer DevOps and data engineers for maintenance and operation, and Pipekit provides visibility into workflow resource consumption, allowing you to optimize resource allocation and further control costs.

Trust and expertise

  • Our SOC II certificate ensures a secure environment for your data. We are recognized leaders and experts in the Argo community and have earned the trust of community members worldwide.

Why Argo?

Welcome to container-native data pipelines.

Argo Workflows is the open-source workflow engine for running data pipelines on Kubernetes. Learn why ML-driven companies are choosing Argo to scale and reduce cloud spend.

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